Gift Guide 2022


The wonder of Christmas always sneaks up on me, most often in the supermarket. This year I was in the Rozelle Woolies, it was September and I saw in a nondescript corner, the first Christmas puddings for 2022!! Yes, I did.

What followed was a mild level of panic, mostly because I had a significant amount of vintage jewellery I needed to upload onto my beautiful new e-commerce platform (that was still being built at the time).

I know a lot of you put in a good amount of time, thought and effort into the gifts we give our loved ones, close friends, family and colleagues. I have experienced this through the countless number of vintage jewellery pieces I've sold over the years and the care that goes into the selection isn't lost on me.

Given I have a varied collection suiting many styles and tastes, this year I thought I'd keep it simple and organise by budget, era trends and type. My new website is super easy to navigate and I have loads for you to look at and more to come (watch this space).

However, if you would like assistance with your purchase, please don't hesitate to reply, call or text (0447 202 222) with your request. I still have time to source, so don't hold back!

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