Shop Responsibly this Christmas. A Vintage Jewels gift guide.

 A few months ago, HFV was accepted into the Fishburners Circular Economy Hub, designed in collaboration with The City of Sydney and Boomerang Labs. A 12 week program designed for circular based businesses who have a mission to reduce, reuse and recycle products.

As we all know jewellery production and waste has a huge, devastating impact on our environment. As consumers today, we have a responsibility to make a difference and command change through the way we purchase.
So, this year my message for Christmas is to shop responsibly.  Try giving a piece of vintage/pre-loved jewellery a go (if you haven't before). I offer a 30 day returns guarantee. Buy a gift voucher if you're not sure. I can work with your special person to find what they're looking for.
Local, ethical and sustainable gift choices are the way forward. Nothing is going to change unless we all start to change our habits.

Here are my top Vintage Jewellery picks for Christmas 2023

1.  Vintage Trifari Mid Century Bracelet. 

A beautifully constructed, hinged, silvertone bracelet, which can be worn every day.   Designed by Trifari. An HFV favoured vintage jeweller. Trifari piece always stand the test of time. 



2. Vintage Crystal Weiss Earrings. 

These stunners feature original, lovingly preserved Austrian crystals. Set in silvertone with a clipon fitting. Perfect for a glamorous Christmas party or birthday celebration.

3. Vintage 1990s Christian Dior Necklace

The definition of couture vintage. Christian Dior vintage jewellery is highly sought after and collected worldwide. This piece is the epitome of 90s style. Shimmer your way through a special dinner or for an important meeting. 

Vintage 90s Christian Dior Necklace


4. The 1940s Beau Jewels Interchangeable Brooch Set

A rare vintage treasure, thoughtfully curated for those with a vintage brooch enthusiast in their midst. A sweet, gold plated textured, dogwood flower brooch featuring interchangeable insect and animal friends. Original packaging included.

BeauJewels Interchangeable Brooch Set


5.  Early 2000s Kate Spade X Florence Broadhurst Bangle 

A gorgeous, timeless, pre-loved piece of costume jewellery. Stunning in design. A beautiful addition to any summer outfit.  

Kate Spade x Florence Broadhurst

If you would like some assistance with your purchase, please don't hesitate to contact me at or call/text me on 0447 202 222.


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