7 Vintage Jewellery Trends for 2023

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Some of you may wonder why I write about jewellery trends given vintage style is a free for all and you have a whole century to indulge in. However, part of my intention with the HFV collection is to source jewellery that works well with contemporary clothing trends, and finding vintage equivalents to mainstream offerings has always been my proposition. So, here are seven vintage equivalents for mainstream trends to look out for:

Trend 1: Investing in jewellery as a gift for yourself.

I say, what a wonderful way to acknowledge your own worth. Isn't that what all the gurus want us to do? Vintage jewellery is an solid avenue to go down and my favourite investment piece from the HFV collection is this 1960s brutalist style necklace by Trifari, worn by my favourite model, Maria.

1960s Trifari Necklace

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You also don't have to spend a huge amount to start investing in high quality vintage jewellery. This late 80s, early 90s 22kt gold plated and enamel necklace is a great starting point and priced under $100. 


Vintage Leaf Necklace

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Trend 2: 'Look at me Earrings'.

Plenty of earrings can be sought down the vintage avenue. The 1960s MOD era produced stunning gilt door knocker and hoop versions, along with many gorgeous reproductions in the 1980s.  The HFV favourite is of course a 1960s pair of Park Lane clip on earrings. Elegant and oh so sophisticated. Again, very easily dressed up or down.

1960s Park Lane Earrings

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Trend 3: Bold Cuffs.

The bigger the better. The 1940s produced some excellent versions. I would go for a signed Trifari or Monet piece in this department. There are a lot available and I can source them quite easily. Pictured is a gorgeous gilt cuff/bracelet by Monet and the other recommendation I have available is a silvertone piece by Trifari.  Cuffs are also extremely versatile and easily integrated with modern day wear.

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Trend 4: Emerald/Green Jewellery.

This one made me laugh. I have had so many pieces of green costume jewellery over the years. I need to source some more! Symbolically green represents the heart, so I guess it's not that much of a surprise it's trending.  Presently, I have available a 1980s necklace in stock with an emerald green Swarovski crystal centre. It's a really fun piece which would be perfect for a night out with friends or the office, without looking too ostentatious. 

1980s Vintage Necklace

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Trend 5: Personalized Jewellery.

Think 70s style astrological symbols, letters and general personal preferences that took off in the 90s. Remember that saying 'dress to impress', I believe it's now 'dress to show who you are'. Regardless of your interest, there is a piece of vintage jewellery out there that will talk about you and to you. The HFV collection is carefully curated to represent the many different styles developed throughout the 20th century and I am always excited to show anyone who's interested.

Vintage Gilt Earrings

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Trend 6. Heart Jewellery.

Heart jewellery had a presence throughout the 20th century and you can't go wrong wearing a heart or gifting a heart. I've always stocked a selection of lockets and brooches when I've come across them.  This year, I have a few pendents and bracelets. The grungy nineties even embraced this gentle symbolism.

90s Heart Pendents

90s Heart Pendents

90s Hearts and Crosses Bracelet

90s Hearts and Crosses Bracelet


Trend 7: Shop sustainably.

You're reading this blog, so there's no need to convince you how important it is to reduce our consumption footprint.  The fashion industry is raising as much awareness as possible. Even if it is just refusing that bag at checkout, small steps can lead to big change and you're definitely in the right place for jewellery! 

If there is a special piece you're seeking, don't hesitate to contact me (Hester) via email hester@curatedvintagejewellery.com. I am based in Balmain, Sydney and offer by appointment, in person consultations.  The HFV collection is also available to purchase online, with a 30 day return and full refund policy.


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