11 Reasons You Should Shop Vintage Costume Jewellery

I'll never forget the day I decided vintage costume jewellery was an excellent avenue to go down as far as collecting, wearing and selling.

It was 2007, I had just arrived in London and I was excited to see what high street retailers such as Zara, TopShop, H&M and French Connection had in their costume jewellery collections. 

Vintage 90s Swarovski bee brooch on contemporary cashere jacket
Pictured, 1990s Swarovski crystal bee brooch on contemporary cashmere jacket.


I was immediately astonished at the price (too low), the volume (too much) and the quality (too flimsy). Since that day, I have built up my own collection and curated many pieces of vintage costume jewellery, to sell via this platform and my market stall. I really love the diversity of 20th century vintage costume jewellery and how well it continues to work with contemporary clothing styles.

1960s Trifari Brutalist Style Necklace

Pictured, 1990s Trifari brutalist style costume necklace on black t-shirt. Worn by Maria.

Here are 10 more reasons why buying a piece of vintage costume jewellery is a good idea..

  1. Look intriguing. Make a statement. Mark a moment with a piece of vintage costume jewellery curated by me (Hester).
  2. Embrace stunning designs from the 20th century, you never knew existed. 
  3. Show a different side of yourself (especially with a brooch, try one here).
  4. Seeking vintage jewels can turn into a fascinating, social history journey. Collectors have been hoarding for years. Books have been written (check out one here). 
  5. You’re obviously saving a gem or two from landfill.
  6. If you need help, experience charming and reliable customer service from HFV (just text 0447 202 222 or email hester@curatedvintagejewellery.com).
  7. Fast DELIVERY (every parcel is shipped out of HFV quarters within 24hours or you can do a local pick up in Balmain, Sydney).
  8. I guarantee a free return if you're not happy with your purchase.
  9. It’s nice to have a little treat every now and then.
  10. Vintage costume jewellery can't make you thinner, but it definitely makes you look more interesting..

You can shop the HFV collection of vintage jewels here.

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